Welcome to TB Jewelry Workshops!

I’ve been forging pieces from metal since 2017 and my passion still grows exponentially every day. Goldsmiths are so crazy about what we do that I’ve decided to share the love and create a fun and engaging environment to teach others how to make their own real gold and silver jewelry while spending time with their existing friends or making new ones.

The workshops are informal and fun and are presented in my best Dunglish (Dutch and English) at a dedicated creative space in Den Bosch.

I offer day workshops for groups as well as individuals who would like a taste of what it takes to forge your own piece. For that something extra special, and for those who have been bitten by the goldsmithing bug, I offer longer courses where you have more freedom to learn, grow and create more complex pieces.

This is a great place for locals, expats, internationals and visitors (young or old) to get to know one another and have a good time.
– Tamlyn

TB Jewelry Workshops teacher and  learner
Smelting gold